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Greetings! My name is Connor Hochbein and I'm a fine art & photojournalistic wedding photographer based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. These autobiographical things always make me feel funky so I'll attempt to keep it short and sweet. I love my  job because I like to view myself as a capturer of happy moments. A photograph is the physical copy of a memory frozen in time, kind of like Han Solo in Carbonite. I'm a people person, and I live to capture the organic, natural, and happy moments throughout our lives. Besides photography, I enjoy traveling, Thai food, playing the drums, and shooting some billiards with my friends. I'm a Game of Thrones/Harry Potter/LOTR fanatic. I'm also always on the search for the best Key Lime Pie in the world. P.S I'm still searching. 

For booking purposes, you can reach me @ or fill out the contact sheet below!